Book Club semester wrap-up!


Anthea Goh

Their last book of the semester is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. The theme for January was classics, and this was the book the club voted on, almost unanimously!

Elia Bartlett

The WVHS Book Club, founded last year, has had their first in-person meetings this semester. They have read four books so far, and have been meeting twice a month. The club has grown in popularity since last year, with new members of all grades.

Two of the club’s leaders, Anthea Goh and Macy Moore, spoke about where the club will go in the next semester, and how the first one went. Their responses can be found in the attached video, but in summary, they are proud of what they have done with the club, and excited for the next semester.

They are looking forward to doing more meetings that are not strictly book discussion, but more activities and book-related things. They are planning a movie watch party to watch the movie of their current book, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley! To stay up to date with Book Club’s plans, follow them on Instagram @wvhs_bookclub and join their Google Classroom (code: dw5sly).