AP US History: sophomores accept the challenge


Connor Larsen

Jasmine Brown preparing for her presidents test. She is studying flash cards that specify all of the important details she needs for the test.

Students during their sophomore year have the opportunity to take AP U.S. History, abbreviated to APUSH. It’s the AP class option for the history credit you need your sophomore year. 

 It’s a common choice for sophomores to take the class for the GPA boost you can get from the class, as well as an opportunity to get some college credit at the end of the year. The class also is accelerated to cover all of US history from colonial times to the 20th century within the span of a single curriculum. 

The class also teaches several learning aspects that are essential for any student, with the high amount of reading and note taking required. Students learn how to dissect what they’re reading, take in the key facts they’re learning, and memorize the important details they will need to remember for the test. It also allows them to connect the dots with their knowledge to eliminate questions on multiple choice tests, as well as key their existing knowledge together to figure out tricky questions. 

As per every AP class, there is an AP test at the very end of the year that doesn’t affect your grade, however if you score well, the test will count for college credit. 

To answer the question of it is worth it, most students would agree that the class is one of those that you will struggle in. However, even with the reality of a hard class, the benefits you can get from the class are truly worth it as they will make later history classes and note taking intensive classes much easier and allow you to work smarter rather than harder.