Should Wilsonville High School have a student government?


Regan Loonstyn

Wilsonville High School does not have a student government however, they do have a student council. Some students would enjoy a student government.

Student governments have been a part of schools for decades. Student governments are groups of students who plan a range of activities and events at the school. Students are elected to help with specific tasks. 

Wilsonville High School does not have a student government, but we do have a student council. Student councils are similar to student government however, there are no elections. 

Junior Angelina Heimerdinger shared her thoughts on student governments: “I think they are good because they help students learn how to be good leaders and give them a goal to strive for and help them make more decisions in education.” Junior Emily Barry said that student governments can be beneficial for practice, however it can be hard for students to make decisions that affect others. 

Emily also gave her thoughts on if Wilsonville High School should have a student government. “I am not sure, I think that there can be pros and cons to both. If we did have a student government it could be interesting but, if we are campaigning the focus could become more about the election.”

The student council at Wilsonville High School is working hard. Talk to your grades teacher advisor if you are interested in joining.