Steven Khamvongsa: A Wilsonville High School musician


Elizabeth Harris

Steven being interviewed about his music! Pictured on the right is his Instagram profile where he has been gaining followers.

Throughout high school, each individual has hobbies and talents setting them apart from others. Some of the hardest people to find are independent musicians who share their musical talent via social media. Among our student body, Steven Khamvongsa is a guitarist and vocalist. He has gained over 1,000 followers on his Instagram under the name Stevie Lee King featuring many videos of him both singing and playing the guitar.

When asked about when his musical journey began, steven explained that it begin in 8th grade after he quit the football team.

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I decided to pick up the guitar and I haven’t put it down since.”

— Steven Khamvongsa

For the first three months that he played the guitar he was teaching himself, but soon he got a teacher. He also says that each one of his teachers over the years has taught him something important.

Although the guitar is a cool instrument, Steven explains that it’s lacking something. So he soon started singing after learning to play, because the vocals with the guitar complement each other quite well. Around a year ago Steven released his first single “Marilynn.”

This was his first time being involved in the music production process; he described it as a cool experience to be a part of. In the future, Steven wants to pursue a career in something that is related to music and be involved somehow. Currently, Steven is working with his friends to create a band, which is something new for Steven since it’s his first-time practicing with a group.