Decorating schools on the holidays: what does it do?


Kevin Bruce

Connor Larsen hugs the inflatable snowman that made an appearance at the pointe this winter season. The Leadership team makes sure to put up decorations for lots of holidays.

Connor Larsen, Staff Writer

Depending on the school, decorations will be set up as well as encouraged activities that promote students to engage in the festivities of the various holidays. At Wilsonville we got to see a multitude of Christmas decorations this year such as the inflatable snowman. 

What doesn’t come to mind for most people is the purpose of the decorations setup all around the school, it’s another step school staff will take to help students enjoy the school environment ever so slightly more.

The positive image that can be encouraged with a holiday like halloween for example is something that can be utilized to find a way to get a smile plastered on the face of a stressed out student. The little thought makes a big difference to think about having halloween or any other holiday that would allow students to lighten up a little. 

There also are the sparks of social interaction from the excitement of upcoming holidays, promoting friends to have fun together as well as promoting discussion in class. 

This gives schools the perfect opportunity to find a way to hopefully increase the mood of the entire school all at once, so make sure you put up some decorations! Go out and enjoy the holidays for your own benefit, as the festivity of Wilsonville is designed to lift people’s spirits.