Winter formal prep


Emma Dougherty

A picture of the red shed at Langdon. Captured by Emma Dougherty on a summer morning. The shed has garage doors that open allowing for events to be hosted indoors and outdoors.

After everything that’s gone on the past two years it’s been heavily debated if Wilsonville would be able to host a winter formal this year. The dance was originally forecasted to occur on February 5th right after finals, but was pushed back due to the recent rise in covid cases. The dance was officially put on the school calendar to take place on the 26th just last week!

The sophomore student council is working hard to plan for the dance and there’s been many obstacles in their way. The council currently doesn’t have any specific leadership positions, but is rather a group effort. 

In comparison to past years finding a venue has been rather difficult. Wilsonville originally planned to do it at the Loft in Portland similar to West Linn, but this was voted against due to the proximity. Mr. Burke informed the council about possibly hosting the festivity at Langdon Farms here in Wilsonville. The golf course has a rather large event space with possibility for accommodating people indoors and outdoors as well.

According to Sophia Levesque, a member of the sophomore student council, originally Langdon Farms would only allow 200-300 kids. “I’m so glad we were able to negotiate to 500 kids!” quoted Levesque. In regards to asking why Langdon compared to the softball field Sophia mentioned, “It was an ultimatum to do it at Langdon or the softball field, but ultimately we felt Langdon provided a better opportunity.” 

Everything is included with the tickets this year along with cookies and water bottles. They’ll be sold for $15 with ASB and $20 without. There also will only be 500 tickets available, so they’ll be sold on more of a first come first serve basis through the bookkeeper. Levesque claims this shouldn’t be an issue because only 700 kids went to homecoming this year on the softball field. 

Although the space and date is secured there’s still a few logistical things being figured out. Tickets go on sale Monday, the 14th. A google form will also be sent out shortly allowing for students to request certain songs. According to Levesque, “Mr. Cole has been in contact with someone and should finalize a DJ by the end of the week.” 

As the dance approaches the sophomore student council is working hard to tie up all the loose ends. In the end winter formal will look different than normal, but should play out to be a success.