Goals, hopes, and dreams for the new semester


Lorianne Servignat

Students hard at work in class. They are all working hard and collaborating to get the work done.

The first week of the second semester is coming to a close and many students have set new goals for the rest of their school year. Many students want to break bad habits they picked up or even simply improve their grades.

Coming out of COVID this year was a wake-up call to a lot of students because they picked up a lot of habits that didn’t help them. The semester students at Wilsonville want to break those habits so their grades don’t suffer. 

Braxton Bekooy says, “I want to focus more in my classes because I am on my phone a lot.” This is a habit that many students have yet to break and one that makes a good distraction. Students are wanting to be on their phones less because this was one of the causes of grades that students may not have been proud of.

The main thought that students have is improving grades and focusing. These are achievable and great goals to have. Making a plan about how you are going to achieve your goals can be an excellent way to stick to them,Talia Valdez said, “I am going to do my homework in a timely fashion.”

This semester students have goals to strive for excellence and excel at school, sports, and life outside of the Wildcat walls. These are great things to strive for and don’t forget to always make your goals S.M.A.R.T.