Spring activities!


Connor Larsen

The tenth of a second before Anthony Saccente sends the ball to the moon from a dime setup by Cole Miller. The warm weather has encouraged students to spend more time outside lately.

Northwest Oregon getting a hint of warm weather over the weekend of February 12-13th has been inspiring everyone to go out and enjoy the vibrant weather again. Spring sports like track and field, tennis and baseball all are beginning to kick up with official practices all starting up very soon. 

Most students would agree that the gradual increase in temperature makes for nicer training. Sports like baseball benefit from the warmer weather, and heavy downpours that come from the winter are rather troublesome for playing conditions. Baseball games are generally not played in the rain for injury prevention sake, as well as to minimize the damage done to the field from play. 

One thing also apparent is how good the timing was for finals week, with a rather late school year start, finals week for the first semester was at the start of February. Students this year right after they get through the struggle of finals immediately get welcomed by the warm weather of a new semester! 

We wish all students a happy new semester, and track and field, baseball, tennis, and other spring sports a strong season!