Album Review: Drake


Cole Hubka

Keenan Sanford listening to a song on Take Care. This is Keenans Favorite song on the album.

Cole Hubka, Sports Writer

This was Drakes second studio album and it came out November 15, 2011. Take Care debuted as number 1 on the billboard 200. It sold 631,000 million copies in its first week. Take Care won Drake his first Grammy, Rap album of the year.


Album Cover: 9/10

  1. Over My Dead Body 5/10
  2. Shot For Me 5/10
  3. Headlines 10/10
  4. Crew Love 3/10
  5. Take Care 7/10
  6. Marvins Room 8/10
  7. Buried Alive Interlude 7/10
  8. Under Ground Kings 4/10
  9. We´ll Be Fine 8/10
  10. Make Me Proud 3/10
  11. Lord Knows 5/10
  12. Cameras / Good Ones Go Interlude – Medley 2/10
  13. Doing It Wrong 8/10
  14. The Real Her 5/10
  15. Look What You´ve Done 2/10
  16. HYFR (Hell Ya F****** Right) 10/10
  17. Practice 4/10
  18. The Ride 8/10
  19. The Motto 10/10


Overall: 6/10

The three best songs on this album were The Motto, HYFR, and Headlines. All three songs are considered perfect in my opinion. I asked my sister Ella Hubka her opinion on the album,”I think its a good album. I´d give it an 8.¨ I then asked Senior Austin Lowery for his rating on the album and he said,¨ I give it a 7.5 out of 10.¨

Overall I gave this album a 6 because the good songs are very good. 8,9, and 10´s. However, the rest of the album is full of sub 5´s. This album is on the lower half of Drake’s albums which shows how good of an artist he really is.