The 2022 Wildcat tennis season begins!


GM Artman

Current senior Rachel Westing hits a forehand in a home match against Hillsboro. The Cats’ last season was a success, and they hope to carry this into this year’s season.

Tennis, both boys and girls, is a popular spring sport at WVHS. It is a sport that anyone can pick up and learn to play, and its easily approachable nature is what draws many students to it.

If students are new to the sport, the rules can be confusing and intimidating at first, but broken down, they are easier to understand. Opponents play first to four points, and once someone gets there, they’ve won the game. They then play another game, until someone gets to 6. The first to 6 games has won the set. Typically in girls tennis they play first to two sets, and boys play first to three sets.

The rules and scoring is something that coaches make sure to cover in JV practice every year, to accommodate for those that have not played before. If any students have reservations about starting a new sport, the coaches will help them to lean it.

The tennis teams had a shortened season last year due to the pandemic, but this year they are back in full force. The first week of practice will be next week, as it is the start of the spring sports season. At that time, any students wishing to try out for varsity can do so.

The athletes are excited to start the season again, and have been preparing for the first week. The girls varsity team members have been hitting at the courts after school, and getting back into the feel of playing together.

The WVHS teams will be hosting many home matches this year, so any student can come watch and support!