Album review: The College Dropout


Cole Hubka

Senior Keenan Sanford listens to the album. He agrees with the author, rating this album a 9/10.

This was Kanye’s first album and was one of his best in my opinion. I wanted to review this album after the documentary just came out about Kanye’s journey pre- College Dropout. At this time Kanye was only known as a producer and this was his time to prove himself as a rapper/producer.


Album Cover: 10/10

  1. We Don’t Care 9/10
  2. Graduation Day 7/10
  3. All Falls Down 10/10
  4. I’ll Fly Away 6/10
  5. Spaceship 7/10
  6. Jesus Walks 10/10
  7. Never Let Me Down 7/10
  8. Get Em High 8/10
  9. Workout Plan 7/10
  10. The New Workout Plan 8/10
  11. Slow Jamz 10/10
  12. Breathe In Breathe Out 6/10
  13. School Spirit 7/10
  14. Two Words 7/10
  15. Through The Wire 10/10
  16. Family Business 10/10
  17. Last Call 7/10


Overall: 9/10


The three best songs in this album are Through The Wire, Slow Jamz, and Family Business. All three songs are perfect in my opinion. I asked my sister Ella her opinion on the album and she said, “I liked the album and the documentary.” I then asked Senior Austin Lowery for his rating on the album and he said, “I give it a 6.5/10.”

Overall I give this album a 9/10. I give it a 9 because there are no songs below 5 and there are multiple 10’s. Plus there is tons of drama/history behind this album. This is going to be the first Kanye album rating. There will be a new one every week for the next 6 weeks.