Rest in peace to WVHS “Wilsonvillians”


Sydnie Bierma

A screenshot of a post about Tatum Lubisich, taken before the account was deleted. Tatum confirmed she was obsessed with ketchup when she was younger, but now can’t stand it.

Different media accounts have swept through the high school this year. Many have come and gone, such as “Wilsonvillenaps.” The newest craze was “Wilsonvillians,” an account that anonymously exposed students — most of the time for things that were untrue. The account debuted last week and was just recently restricted. 

The account had a google form link posted in the bio where students could anonymously expose their classmates. “Wilsonvillians” then posted everything submitted through the google form. 

The rumors posted were across the board: exposing weird fetishes, to sports rumors, and so much more. Many of the more controversial posts had been taken down. Senior Kellen Hartford expressed, “I submitted some, but they were all taken down due to controversy.” 

Difficulty with high school media accounts is the rumors that they start — at the end of the day someone is always left unhappy. In regards to if the account was harmful, senior Addy Terry claimed, “I think the account was funny vs harmful because the posts could be taken down. Everything that was submitted was a joke.”

As mentioned previously, the account was taken down the morning of the 3rd. Hartford originally predicted that the admin would most likely end up taking the account down due to the amount of complaints, but at the end of the day the account was restricted by Instagram due to the amount of reports filed by students.

It will be interesting to see if the account restarts or one similar to it. When informed about the recent shutdown senior Marisa Roska quoted, “I hope that someone new makes an account.” Whether it’s a similar account or something completely different, there’s no telling what Instagram fad will start up next.