Does Wilsonville have a favorite sport?


Greg Artman

Wilsonville’s student section posing during the boys Varsity basketball playoffs against Central. The theme was neon out. Photo provided by Greg Artman.

Alexis McIlmoil, Opinions Editor

Fact. Sports are one of the best features of highschool there are. From playing in the actual sport, to watching other games and cheering on friends and fellow students, sports make up a large piece of the excitement that takes place in highschool. 

Wilsonville highschool offers many sports to play, and what comes along with sports games? Cheering! Who does most of the cheering? The student section! Watching and playing in sports games is 10x better with a crowd of students cheering and making noise. 

“It’s so fun getting to be in the student section for the first time after Covid. You finally get to understand the joy of cheering for your classmates in the sport they love,” says Campbell Lawler, a sophomore. 

In a recent poll with a survey size of 216 students from Wilsonville, it was found that 72% of students prefer being a part of the student section during football games, 12% of students prefer being a part of the student section during basketball games, 9% prefer soccer student sections, and 7% prefer volleyball student sections. 

Football was found to be the most popular, which is not surprising. The sheer numbers of students that attend football games exceeds that completely of the other sporting matches. Miguel Tejeda, Senior, shares, “They’re all tied. With that, however, football has the largest number of spectators, therefore the energy is higher.”

Now the favorite student section to be a part of doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most enjoyable sport to watch. In the same poll out of 216 students, 45% preferred basketball to watch, 26% preferred football, 16% preferred soccer, and 13% preferred to watch volleyball. 

Obviously, not all the sports Wilsonville offers were a part of the poll, but they were the ones that have had large student sections in the past. And of course sports are awesome, but there are so many other extra curricular activities that Wilsonville offers that need support! Cheering in student sections isn’t the only way to support fellow students. 

Make sure to come out in the spring and support the track, lacrosse and tennis teams! As well as Team 1425 (Wilsonville robotics team) and the many orchestra and choir concerts and competitions that are finally able to start up again!