Plans for Springfest 2022!


Elizabeth Ha

Springfest returns for the first time in two years! The students involved have been working hard to organize it.

The school’s longstanding tradition of Springfest finally returns for 2022 year. It’s been three years since the last Springfest, and  the school is excited to participate in this tradition once again. This year looks quite different then previous years but still will contain many fun events and traditions. The first change that audience members will notice is the change in formal wear. Since 2002, the same custom made dresses have been used, but this year it seems they will be different. The typical ballroom dance routine won’t be performed due to time constraints. 

This year students and community members can look forward to a staff vs students basketball game, wildcat carnival, picnic movie night, and of course, Springfest will occur on April 22, 2022.

This year the court has 10 members, and all have many traits and qualities that they have to offer to this year’s court.   

 Elizabeth Harris, Alexis Gessler, Miguel Tejeda, Addy Terry, Ainsley Mayes, Cian Lister, Nolan Rapp, Caserra Fitzke, Chance Kirk, and Aurora Aaron.

Here are some fun facts about some of the court members:

  • Addy Terry has participated in lacrosse and cheer while at Wilsonville High School.
  • Miguel Tejeda’s best friend is Porter BowlesFitness. 
  • Elizabeth Harris plans on attending Brigham Young University in the fall. 
  • Chase Kirk used to have a chinchilla.
  • Caserra Fitzke plans to attend Cal Poly in the fall and major in computer science.
  • Nolan Rapp has participated in vocab club, along with several less important activities during his high school career.
  • Ainsley Mayes plans to double major in international relations and Japanese biliteracy.
  • Alexis Gessler has participated in  Jazz Band, Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Full Orchestra and Pit Band while in high school.

Springfest helps to donate money to help benefit Doernbechers Childrens Hospital in research to advance pediatric care. You can donate online by going to the Wilsonville Broadcast Network, or you can find one of the court members with the silver fanny packs.

QR code to donate to Dorenbecher.