Album Review: Graduation


Senior Kennan Sanford listens to his favorite song on Graduation. He is a avid Kanye listener.


Graduation is Kanye’s third studio album and was released in 2007. This album was mainly influenced by house music, a subgenre of electronic dance music. During this album, Ye uses a different flow than he normally used. Ye prepared for this album by listening to Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.


Album Cover: 10/10

  1.  Good Morning 10/10
  2. Champion 10/10
  3. Stronger 10/10
  4. I Wonder 10/10
  5. Good Life 10/10
  6. Can’t Tell Me Nothing 10/10
  7. Barry Bonds 4/10
  8. Drunk and Hot Girls 1/10
  9. Flashing Lights 10/10
  10. Everything I Am 10/10
  11. The Glory 7/10
  12. Homecoming 10/10
  13. Big Brother 10/10
  14. Good Night 9/10


Overall:  10/10

The three best songs on this album are Flashing Lights, Stronger, and Can’t tell me Nothing. I asked my sister Ella Hubka for her rating on the album and she said, “I love Graduation. I’ll give it a 9/10.” I then asked Sophmore Berkley Reents for his opinion and he said, “I give it an 8.5/10. Great album.”


Overall I give this album a 10/10. There are only 2 bad songs and the rest of the songs are perfect in my opinion. This is Kanye’s best album ever and is a classic.