A change in the school schedule


Regan Loonstyn

There is a possibility the daily schedule will change. Final decisions will be made fall of 2023.

Recently, the conversation of a change in the daily school schedule has been brought up. In the academic seminar class, students were given a survey asking their opinions on the future daily schedule. 

Some of the questions asked in the survey were about the student’s ideal number of classes to take at one time, frequency of classes, ideal class length, and more. 

Freshman Lauren Thomas shared her opinion on the possibility of the schedule changing next school year. “I don’t like change, so I would love if the schedule just stayed how it is now. I think the system with blocks works really well.” She also stated that she loves block periods.

There are many possibilities on how the schedule could change. For example, we could switch to trimesters with five periods, eight classes a semester with 4 classes a day, or simply switch to six periods a day with no blocks. 

Grace Kelso, a sophomore at Wilsonville High School shared, “I haven’t heard much about a change in schedule. But in my opinion, I really don’t care whatever happens.” 

There is a possibility that the schedule will change next school year. However, the final decision will be set in place in fall of ‘23-’24.