Does screen time affect learning?


Regan Loonstyn

Screen time has increased for teens since COVID-19. How does that affect students learning?

In 2019, the average screen time for teens was 7 hours per day, according to They also mentioned, “the average amount of time that youth spend watching online videos in particular has doubled in 4 years.” 

The average screen time has increased at a higher rate during COVID-19, since everyone was at home. This has affected students learning.

Junior Katy Bennett shared, “I spend a good amount of time on screens.” She averages about five hours a day. Tyler Rayburn, another junior, stated that he averages around 5 hours a day as well. 

Being on screens not just in class but at home too can affect how you learn. Phones, computers, and TVs can be very distracting to some. Tyler shared, “I don’t really notice a difference when [my screen time] has its highs or lows. When it is low I am usually just having more fun in class.” Katy also said, “I haven’t noticed a big difference in my learning if I’m on my phone or not.” 

Even though some people don’t notice a difference, screens can help students have less motivation to complete schoolwork.