Staff vs Students basketball game!

The staff and students of Wilsonville High School came together to raise money for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.


Elizabeth Harris

This basketball team was formed by Elizabeth Harris and Alexis Gessler. It has members form a variety of different grades.

Throughout the Springfest season, the students of Wilsonville High School have the opportunity to be a part of many events and activities. The most recent being the staff and  students basketball game. According to Ms. Litts, over forty staff members participated against the ten different student teams. Many of the team had themes that they dressed up as, such as specific colors. One team dressed up all in Taco Bell t-shirts.

The team in the featured image played for the court pairing of Elizabeth Harris and Alexis Gessler. The team also had special appearances from two other court members: Caserra Fitzke and Chance Kirk. Caserra Fitzke explains that her “favorite part was cheering [her] teammates on.”

If students didn’t have a chance to participate in this year’s staff and student basketball game, next year they can potentially have the opportunity again, a fun-filled way to donate money.

This is just one of the many fun activities that comes along with Springfest, so look around and see how you can support Dorenbecher’s and the Springfest court.