Wilsonville’s spring choir concert


Wood and Meridian creek middle schoolers join Wilsonville high school choir students in our 2022 spring concert! Photo from @wvhstheatre on instagram.

This week, Wilsonville High School is performing with Wood Middle School and Meridian Creek’s choir in this year’s third choir concert! 

With all 3 of these schools performing together, it can give a lot of new opportunities and better insights on high school choir to current middle schoolers who are determining whether or not to continue this class into their high school years. “It shows a little bit of what our high school choir can do and kind of allow them a sneak peek of high schoolers personal opinions and what they enjoy,” Luci Clemo, one of the singers for Wednesdays performance says. “I had a similar experience in middle school, and I personally thought it was really cool and special to watch the older kids sing.”

The concert is Wednesday, March 16th and starts at 6:30. This will also be one of our first choir concerts without masks! No tickets are required for entry, and everyone is invited to come and support!