WVHS outreach

Peanut butter sandwiches delivered to the homeless!


Leah Boger

Ellie Wettstein holding peanut butter sandwiches the group made last month. The club organized the sandwiches in the garage before delivering them.

This year has been the start and or rebirth of many new clubs at WVHS. Continuing with the theme is Wilsonville High School’s Outreach Club. The club gets together once a month to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the homeless in Portland. 

According to president of the club, Leah Boger, the beauty of the club is that it doesn’t require much time. “I wanted to start the club because I wanted there to be a social, low commitment way for people to get more involved in the community even if they had a really busy schedule.” quotes Boger. 

The club is directly run by Leah who made the connections and is in charge of communications for the organization. A member, Rachel Westing quoted, “My favorite part is being able to do the work knowing exactly where it goes and what the cause is!” After the sandwiches are made at one of the members houses they drive them to Portland and hand them out to the homeless. This makes the club a fun social activity along with a good cause. 

In current times homelessness is a real crisis especially in the city of Portland brought up by another member Piper Colby. Clubs like these who extend out of the Wilsonville barrier have great benefit to not only our community, but the surrounding areas as well!

The club is planning to meet this Saturday to prepare more sandwiches for the homeless!