Elective spotlight: photography


Regan Loonstyn

At Wilsonville High School you are able to take a semester-long photography class.

One elective you are able to take here at Wilsonville High School is photography. Photography is a semester-long class that is taught by Ms. Lords. Any grade level is able to take this class. 

Kiera Easterly, a sophomore at Wilsonville High School shared what a usual week in class looks like, “Normally at the beginning of the week we get an assignment. And then we take photos for the week. One day we have editing, then the rest of the week is just work time, so we are usually walking around taking pictures.”

Freshman Cody Dimpflmaier also mentioned, “We do critique somedays, we look at other photos, some elements of photography, and analyze them.” He said that his favorite part of the class is getting to walk around and take pictures. Cody claims that it is a pretty chill class. 

Cody had shared his thoughts on people taking this class, “I do recommend it. It is a lot of fun. It’s a great first class as a freshman in my opinion. You get to meet a lot of new people. It is a really fun class.”

Forecasting for the next school year takes place the week of April 4-8, two weeks after spring break. If you are interested in taking photography, make sure that you forecast for it.