Swim season was a success


Greg Artman

A swim team picture. The season was great!

The swimming season at Wilsonville has come to an end as spring sports begin to bloom. The swimmers at Wilsonville dove into the challenging sport with their eyes on the gold. They practiced hard and had so much fun watching each other improve.

Swimming is an individual sport and your times overall contribute to your overall team scores. The season was a win in everyone’s hearts, it was so great to be back in-person to a full swim season.

Feeling like you did the best you could, and practiced hard is the most rewarding part of the season. Sophomore Shelby Widman says, “It felt so good to place for my swimming and really work on improving and practicing some things that really resonates with me.”

This sport is really special because it is like a “dysfunctional family,” Shelby adds. Everyone brings different talents to the table that make swimming great. That is what made this swim season special, everyone has that one passion in common and you get to watch each other improve and achieve their greatness.

The swim season this year brought individual triumphs. Swimmer Riley Lawler says, “Would it be great to get in and always win? Sure, but the best part is getting to share this sport with the people I go to school with.” 

This year just being able to get back into the sport after a long time in COVID was a win itself. Everyone on the team felt like they improved immensely and had so much fun competing. The swim season might not have been as successful as everyone wished but in everyone’s eyes and hearts, it was unbelievably amazing.