Changes at Wilsonville High School


Regan Loonstyn

There have been many changes at Wilsonville High School. These are some positive changes students wish to happen.

Over the past couple of years, lots of things have changed at Wilsonville High School. The end of the 2019-2020 school year was all online, last school year (2020-2021) was also online except the last quarter was back in person. This year we have been back in person and started out the year wearing masks. However, now masks are optional. 

One change that has been needed inside the school that has been mentioned a lot is the need to improve the bathrooms. Junior Callan Keo shared his thoughts on a change in the school, “I would change the bathrooms because they’re less than ideal and they’re in need of a full remodel.”

Sophomore Caleb Green also wishes for a change in the bathrooms in the school. “I wish the bathrooms would be better. I’m not sure how it would get fixed but it’s super annoying. Also most of the time the soap dispensers don’t work.”

Though the bathrooms need a major upgrade, that is not the only thing that students wish were different about Wilsonville High School. Senior Trey Arzie shared, “I wish that lunch was longer than 30 minutes.” 

Changes happen at every high school, including including Wilsonville High School. Some of the things that stay the same are important. If you have anything else that you wish to change, talk with admin.