Wordle fanatics

With the recent fixation on Wordle, we take a look into why students are truly invested in this activity.


Siona Ruud

Alina Jakobson playing her daily Wordle. Her favorite word to start with is “adieu.”

Wordle, created in October 2020, is a game where you get 6 tries to guess the mystery 5-letter word. Every day at midnight a new word is released.

The words may vary from simple words as their to more complex words such as epoxy. Many of the best Wordle players lost their streak due to these difficult words.

Students shared their opinion on this recent trend. Senior Josh Ruud stated that he plays it everyday! Him and his family have created a group chat dedicated to the daily wordle/nerdle. Nerdle is a mathematical version of Wordle, coming out at 4pm everyday.

Josh said that he enjoys the daily conversations it brings up in the group chat.

Shelby Widman, a sophomore at WVHS, shares that she personally likes Wordle, but has difficulty keeping up with it daily.

Wordle is a great way to expand your vocabulary, connect with others, and to do something you enjoy. Due to the recent populization of the website, new versions of wordle have come out such as; Nerdle, Quordle, Dordle, ect.