New school rule: hall passes


Elizabeth Harris

El pase de pasillo del “upper-cluster.” Mucho class tienen un pase similar.

As of last week, new school rules have been put into place to keep students in class and keep the learning environment productive. The one new school rule that has caused the biggest debate is the requirement of hall passes, dreaded among high school students for multiple different reasons. One of the first reasons is that hall passes are unhygienic. An Instagram poll conducted on a personal social media account involving students of many schools and ages conclude that many students don’t want hall passes. The results concluded that out of 114 people 11 percent voted yes to hall passes and 89 percent voted no. 


Senior Brighton Ring explains that “touching a pass that everyone has brought into the bathroom is disgusting.” Both Keira Kerner and Alexis Gessler agree that hall passes are gross, and both voted no on the poll. Another reason for the dislike of hall pass is that it’s deemed childish. Cody Romrell, stated that “It depends on what grade you’re teaching.” It makes sense for young elementary school students to use hall passes but as students become more independent and mature it seems pointless.

Laura Jeffery explains that “the hall passes make me feel like a little kid who has to use the bathroom.” Bianca Pinoli, a freshman here at Wilsonville High School, said that in many of her classes the hall passes are missing, and Aurora Aaron also agrees with the fact that the schools use of hall passes isn’t working. 


On the opposing side some students don’t mind the hall passes because they rarely leave class. Another opinion is that hall passes should be more fun and ridiculous because it will encourage students not to leave their classes unless they truly need to. Some examples of these could be hard hats, buckets or even trophies.  


Regardless if students enjoy the new school rules, for the time being they are staying. As school continues students will hopefully see a positive change in the use of hall pases and maybe a discontinuation.