Forecasting for the future


Students are excited to forecast. This will decide your future classes.

Forecasting was happening at Wilsonville this week from 4/4-4/8. Forecasting is the difficult decision facing students about what classes will be the right fit for them in the years to come. These decisions can impact your college acceptance and your graduation from high school.

There are so many exciting classes to choose from, “I’m pretty excited for my classes,” sophomore Colby Turco says. There are many options for art, technology, and outdoor activity.

Wilsonville has a variety of classes that will help you in later careers and life, and also a large selection of classes that will challenge students. “It’s kinda hard to pick my classes,” Kaylie Campbell said. There are many options open to her because she is going to be a senior next year, “there are so many electives to choose from,” she adds.

If you are unsure of the classes that you ended up taking and want to change your mind, you can change them until the 18th. After that, you can talk to your counselor about switching them up. 

There are some new classes that were added to the schedule this year as well. This includes the former club speech and debate. This class will focus on how to write debates and structure an argument. You will also have chances to compete in speech competitions.

I’m pretty excited for next year.”

— Kaylie Campbell