Who’s Ready for Summer Fashion?


Hope Williams

Jacob Fox, junior, and Amelia Lounsbury, sophomore, show off there winter fashion.


With summer just a couple of months away, students have already started to buy or plan their summer outfits. But what new trends are going to happen this summer, and what places will students buy from? With old trends coming back and new styles coming in at the same time it might be hard to figure out what to get. Even though we are just barely through spring, summer is something that everyone is waiting for, whether it is hanging out with friends on a dock or family vacation.

Most stores are just now finishing getting rid of their winter clothes and spring clothes are what is mainly on the rack, but we are starting to see sneak peeks of what is to come for summer fashion in some of our favorite stores. Although spring clothes are super cute, we are all ready for summer to be here. Ready for a day at the beach or on the river with friends, all the pool parties, and vacations. 

But what is everyone going to be wearing? When asked, some stores such as Levi’s and Tilly’s said that they predicted plenty of bright colors and either a floral or fruit print will be trending this summer. A trend that is coming back, as everyone may have noticed already, was the 70’s style flared jeans and hippie shirts. Those can definitely be found in Levi’s stores as soon as summer draws near. What else will people be wearing this summer though? “I think that light colors and beach pants will be popular, as well as denim shorts, seeing more bold colorful items,” says Callan Keo, a WHS junior.

Not only do we want to know what will be the trends for this summer but when can we start buying and from where? Many stores like Urban Outfitters and American Eagle say they have a small collection out now, but will probably be getting large shipments of summer must-haves in late April. It can be hard to tell when exactly they will be getting in the new arrivals, so how will we know? Lots of clothing stores have their own social media platforms where they will post some sneak-peeks at the new arrivals and when they will be released. If you can’t make it to the store on time for the new shipment because you have a tennis match or a concert to go to that day then no worries, because you can always shop online when in a pinch. But for some, online shopping isn’t always the best way to enhance their closet. Claudia Molatore, junior, is someone who doesn’t favor online shopping that much. “I really like in-person shopping because then I can try multiple sizes, and I don’t spend as much money,” she says. Keo agrees with Molatore about shopping in person rather than online. “I prefer in-person so I can see how the clothes fit me and get an idea of the quality of the product,” Keo states.

Even though summer is still a few months away, the little bit of sunshine we’ve been having is making everyone ready to put away their sweatshirts and sweats to bring out the shorts and tees. With trends like the 70s returning and a wide variety of colors and prints soon to be in all the stores, it’s going to be a very fun and fashionable summer.