Students’ PE credit choices



The 6th period weight training class is on a roll! We have Zoe Stascausky, Joel Thiessen, Jay Thomas, Connor Atwood and Sage Tone all working hard to improve their lifting day by day. What doesn’t need any improvement is their photo taking ability.

At Wilsonville High School there is a plethora of physical education credit classes for students to take, and with forecasting having just happened, we asked students about their respective PE classes they chose for this year. 

“I chose to do life sports my freshman year and really loved taking the class, so I decided to take it again this year. It’s really enjoyable to have the break in my schedule and is a great class to take to fill in my PE credit,” said sophomore Kate Gore.

“I took the class because it was a nice, easy class that allowed me to get the necessary movement my body needed. Having Mr. Finck, who is a track and cross country coach, was also nice to have“ said Johnny Garcia, a senior taking Run and Walk fitness.

“I honestly didn’t really think much when I took weight training, I just thought it would help me as a runner. I do have interest in taking it again next semester; I had a lot of fun,” commented junior Nathan Wilde about his weight training class.

Picking a PE class could benefit you not just by taking the credit, but most classes can serve as a break in your day to get the blood flowing. Many students would recommend taking a class to break up your day.