Lack of motivation strikes as the end of the year approaches


sydnie bierma

Senior, Lily Boehrer feeling unmotivated during her anatomy class. She even claimed some days she doesn’t worry about oversleeping through her alarm.

With only one quarter left juniors and seniors are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. To get to the end, upperclassmen are focussing all their efforts on upcoming AP tests; which are nearly 2 weeks away.

Senior Lily Boehrer claimed, “I’ve had senioritis since the beginning of the senior year.” Many other upperclassmen share these same thoughts and cannot wait for the harshness of AP testing to conclude. In the words of another senior Miguel Tejeda, “The general consensus is that everyone is low key done. After the AP tests are done upperclassmen will be too.”

Alongside the AP testing grind students are beginning to feel a lack of motivation for their other classes. Specifically seniors with only around 30 days of school left are struggling to even show up to school. On days when Boehrer is particularly feeling unmotivated, “I make doctors appointments specifically for classes I don’t want to go to.” Many other upperclassmen are on the same page and will look for any opportunity to skip class. 

When discussing with other students many share the same overall reflection that the wave of lack of motivation is hitting harder than most assumed it would. After the AP tests are over it will be interesting to see who continues pushing through until the final days of the year.