The artistic talents that students take with them after high school


Jasmine Brown

Art is something that a person can do throughout their life, in many different areas. Graphic design is one of the career paths that can be taken if one is interested in continuing their artistic journey after high school.

It’s very common to recognize art in a school environment as we are given opportunities to explore and experiment with different artistic classes. In addition, many students use their creative skills outside of school either as a hobby or to prepare themselves for a future career.

For instance, architecture is a profession which involves many complex art methods and designs that include different shapes and colors. WVHS student Zarek Nowak uses this in his everyday life by utilizing these principles into his own artwork. “Doing things like this helps me better understand the design fundamentals and lets me experiment with shapes and make them fit together in a way I want them to,” he says. “I hope to start using these design principles in a manner that is more conventional in architecture.”

Many other types of art can be used in a larger variety of careers as well. Tattoo artists use different styles to put artwork on the body. Finn Kime, for example, has been experimenting with art since they were younger and has always felt enjoyment towards the activity. “As I want to be a tattoo artist, it will be very very helpful for me. It ties a mix of art and helping people, which I like as well,” Kime says. “It’s also important for me personally to escape reality. I feel like I can focus better and feel more grounded. I don’t feel as stressed when I do it.”

Many people use their special talents or hobbies and apply it to future careers, which is an amazing way to find a job that a person personally feels is both enjoyable and productive.