Wilsonville students take a tumble


Connor Larsen

A renactment of a historical moment in the Gore household. Lorianne Servingnat pushes Maddie Holly down the stairs. Captured by Connor Larsen

Connor Larsen, Staff Writer

The majority of people most likely have a funny story relating to falling down the stairs. Whether it be dropping something or a minor or major injury a lot of people you ask will have a funny story about falling down a flight of stairs. 

“When I was four years old, I used to live in a house with two stories and a really large staircase, the top of the staircase was a soft carpet while the bottom was uncarpeted. My twin sister Cammy Gore decided to push me down the stairs and when my mom came to see what happened, my sister triumphantly said ‘I pushed her!’ while I was crying on the floor “ Kate Gore, sophomore. 

“One day I came out of the bathroom and my brother was hiding by the nearby laundry door. I knew he was nearby so I asked where he was. He jump scared me and I jumped back a little bit and fell down a flight of roughly sixteen stairs. I ended up spraining my ankle from it “ Manal Mezghiche, sophomore.

“My friend jokingly was gonna push me down the stairs, and she held onto my hand as she pushed me so I wouldn’t fall, but my hand slipped and I fell down the stairs at the school and had a bunch of freshmen making fun of me. Rather embarrassing memory“ Sabrina Mercer-Rott

As funny as a lot of these stories are, WBN does not recommend falling down the stairs. Especially for our student-athletes, stay injury-free. We need you darn it!