The new “Spark” in Wilsonville Theater


Spark poster advertising for their shows in May! Photo provided by Mr. Katz.

This May, Wilsonville Theater will be performing “Spark,” a dystopian-type story created by Tom Arvetis, for their spring play! This play, only written a few years ago, takes a much different turn than the past ones our program has done this year, as it talks about more modern problems and takes place in a futuristic setting.

As the time to perform comes closer, many of the cast members feel anticipation to show off what they’ve worked for and rehearsed these past few months. “I’m really excited to perform,” Xander Povey, a sophomore casted as Farren, an ambitious and cocky orphan, says. This is his first play at WVHS, but he has been involved with the drama club for quite some time. “I really love the cast and crew we have working on the production, and I’m excited to wear my funky costume.”

“The setting and story of this play is really cool and different from anything we have ever attempted,” Mr. Katz, the director of the play, says. This play will include an incredible amount of work outside of school to focus on the set, music, and costumes to “immerse the audience in the eerie, futuristic feeling of the play.” 

You can support the Wilsonville theater program and everyone involved by watching this amazing performance from May 18-21 in the Wilsonville auditorium! More information is on the poster, and we hope to see you there!