Wilsonville defeats Putnam first two games of series look for sweep Friday

Wilsonville keeps dominating in the NWOC and look to finish the Kingsman for a series sweep on Friday.


GM Artman

Justin Schramm duels in an inner conference matchup vs the Putnam Kingsman in a big series for both teams.

Coming into the Putnam series Wilsonville had a league record of 11-1 and an overall record of 16-2, Wilsonville has been playing great baseball as of late not losing a game since the first week of April, that is evidenced by a #2 ranking only behind the Thurston Colts in 5A.

Wilsonville has taken the first two contests of the series against Putnam and look to complete the sweep on Friday. Keenan Sanford said this about the first matchups “We were able to get the job done, on the mound we had great performances, have played very good defense, and the offense has done enough.”

Putnam is ranked #10 in OSAA and holds the second spot in the NWOC, they will make the playoffs but at this point the Kingsman want the best ranking possible and and are dying to beat an inner conference rival. A win against a team the caliber of Wilsonville would boost Putnam for the last couple weeks of the season and into the playoffs.

Keenan Sanford had this to say about the third and final game of the series “A series win is huge let alone a sweep would be a huge boost for us to beat a fellow conference opponent.” Keenan Sanford and the rest of Wilsonville will look to finish off the series against the Kingsman with yet another win and pile on to their massive win streak that started a month ago.