Best ways to get outside this spring!

With the weather turning, high schoolers are beginning to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it be through an athletic activity, or through leisure there’s plenty of enjoyable springtime activities. 

Many locals enjoy going on weekend hikes to take a break from it all. Senior Marisa Roska often travels with her family on weekends to hike. They enjoy traveling locally, and finding a different hike each weekend. Her personal favorite is the trail of ten falls at Silver Falls in Silverton, Oregon. When asked why she likes hiking so much Roska claimed, “I like being surrounded by nature and Oregon has some really beautiful trails.” 

Along with hiking Marisa also enjoys spending summers in her families’ boat. She especially looks forward to this summer because “I’ll have a longer summer than normal,” exclaimed Marisa. This is due to the fact her college won’t be starting until mid September. Lots of seniors will also most likely be in this same boat because of college starting later than a normal school year.

Another senior Tatum Lubisich frequently goes on runs to enjoy the outdoors. “I run almost everyday,” Lubisich stated. She is able to run around her neighborhood and does anywhere from a 3-8 mile loop. On her longest run Lubisich claimed, “I normally run into Lake Oswego by Tryon Creek Park which is 8ish miles.” Along with running she also enjoys basking in the sun on a picnic. Some of her favorite spots are located around Lake Oswego or simply at Murase Plaza in Wilsonville. 

Regardless of your preferences there’s definitely plenty of fun activities to do in Oregon during spring and the beginning of summer. The options are endless; from relaxing in the sun to going on vigorous hikes!