The boys tennis team says goodbye to its seniors

Foto de portada de noche de seniors de chicos. Los cinco mayores posan fuera de sus canchas después de sus últimos partidos en casa.

This year the boys team tennis has five seniors. Below is a reflection from each one of the athletes about why they like playing tennis, future plans within tennis, and what tennis has taught them:

Miguel Tejeda: “Tennis had taught me to continue working hard as well as collaborating with other in order to make a team win. We have gotten so much closer as a team and that has taught me a lot about how a community functions and my role as one of the senior leaders. It has taught me things I can use outside of tennis, however, the tennis skills I have gained I hope to use recreationally in college.”

Porter Bowles-: “I’m definitely going to keep playing tennis when I’m in college. I know I’m not quite at the college level but I still love to play the game. I plan to play lots of tournaments, and push myself as far as I can go.

Sarthak Sameer-Asita: “Tennis has taught me to work with others through adversity and practice regularly to improve my skills. While playing doubles, I have learned to communicate with my teammates to be successful. The basic skills I have learned in tennis are something that I continue to use recreationally and as an activity to do with friends.”

Jeven Lundberg: “Tennis has taught me, and is still teaching me, not to get hung up on the small things that go wrong, and focus on what’s going well and what needs to be accomplished.”

Ben Pinoli: “I like tennis because it is a unique application of a lot of skills in a delicate balance—it conditions you to focus 100%, and is its own type of brain teaser.”