Response to: A DREAMer’s nightmare


Photo from creative commons

Ellis Island in 1905, when America welcomed thousands of European immigrants

Jack Burns, Writer

DREAMers are amazing, hard working people who start with nothing and make a living for themself. The children of immigrants are the most likely, out of all American children, to move up in socio-economic classes. These people are highly driven and some are moving America in a great direction. My mom and her siblings came from an immigrant family. The only difference from my grandparents and a lot of the modern immigrants is that my grandparents entered the Unted States legally, which took years. The problem with immigration is not the immigrants, it’s the way in which that the immigrants are coming to America. The inaccurate representation of DREAMers in the article as “Americans” demonstrates a false understanding of America’s Immigration policy. The reference to the quote on the statue of liberty is placed perfectly for a pathos appeal to the reader; however blatantly avoids the main issue of legal immigration. The problem that people have with DACA is that it pardons non-US citizens from their previous law breaking behavior. Their actions are premature and unfair to those who are trying to enter the country legally, like those who came through Ellis Island in the late 19th century. America is a large country with arguably one of the most open sources of government and economic structures. This all comes at a price. It’s the price of being an American citizen. Folks who didn’t have the fortune to be born in America are not left out. They just have to go through the proper channels to becoming an American. Granted, the path to citizenship is tedious and arduous, but what’s great about America is that it can be changed. The founders of this country created a government that at its roots still serves the people. Instead of complaining about the current administration and dealing blame for certain issues, just solve them.