Running shoe advice


Connor Larsen

Running shoe brands each have their own ways of designing their shoes. You’ll notice these differences when you try them on and compare them to one another.

One of the best easy to do workouts that is extremely good for any human being is as simple as just going for a trot. Running is the easiest form of cardiovascular exercise to practice and is extremely gratifying– nothing is as satisfying as breaking a record. 

However, the activity requires one thing. Running shoes, preferably of high quality. Ones made with high quality materials will generally cost $100+, meaning you should do some research before you buy yourself a pair. 

Any runner on the cross country or track and field team (which you should most certainly join) will tell you that it’s best to get your shoes in person. It is much more important than for any other sport to try the shoe on in person to make sure you don’t have any problems with their sizing and comfortability in order to prevent painful blisters. 

The best places near Wilsonville to buy shoes are Road Runner Sports located in Tualatin and the Portland Running & Walking Company located in Beaverton. Both places hire experienced runners for employees and use various technologies to find the right shoe for you. 

There are a couple of scams you might want to look out for– for example, things like insoles are generally not needed. Roadrunner’s insoles have been known to have problems causing arch pains due to the plates they use for their insoles. 

Insoles are in most cases a no-no, you are better off letting your feet adapt to the way you run rather than correcting it to something your body isn’t naturally doing. You should strengthen into proper running form, rather than be corrected into it and letting your stability muscles weaken., most likely causing more running injuries than preventing them. 

You might get recommended a stability shoe from the employee guiding your purchase. Stability shoes are generally better than insoles, as it is common for runners using stability shoes to grow out of them and run in a typical neutral running shoe (shoe that doesn’t aim to correct your running form).

Other than to be aware of those things, Roadrunner Sports and Portland Running & Walking Company are both trustworthy stores to buy running shoes from. Make sure you try on plenty of shoes while you’re there to find the perfect match.