America’s legal war with transgender children


Jasmine Brown

November 20th was the national Transgender Day of Remembrance. WVHS put up a display near the art halls to honor it.

In modern day America there is yet another fight for civil rights. Yet again are people being made to suffer under prejudice and oppressive legislation. The fight for trans rights may not be as monumental as women’s suffrage or the original civil rights movement but it still remains a group of people that are facing misrepresentation and bigotry. 

The trans experience as a whole is hard enough as is, but at least as an adult you have the voice needed to speak up for yourself. Transgender children have been a controversial political topic even back in 2014 before the LGBTQ+ community was even a commonly spoken about thing. In recent months however conservative speakers and law makers have been going on the offensive.

In more than 12 states, discriminatory or exclusionary rules or legislation against trans youth that are right on the edge of being unconstitutional have been passed. 

These laws cover all different areas, and some are more arguable than others. Many will just further alienate trans youth more than they already are by keeping them out of sports,bathrooms, and much more. The most destructive and nefarious laws passed are the ones that keep trans youth from receiving care. 

The trans experience is a horribly painful one, especially in youth. There is a reason 80% of trans people have considered suicide at some point in life. It’s hard enough as is for many people and for many the hope of receiving that care is the only thing that drives them to live 

These laws excluding trans kids are severely damaging thousands of lifes and for what. Satisfying your perverse thoughts on these people. 

Out of the 6 trans students at Wilsonville High School interviewed, 5 of them felt alienated and dehumanized by their peers. This is at a school in one of the most progressive parts of the country. How do you think the trans kids growing up in these very conservative states will cope with an environment that is hostile towards them when the students in a welcoming environment struggle enough already?

All of the students interviewed found transitioning and receiving care aided their mental and physical health by monumental levels, and you still have to ask why? Why are these laws being passed? All research shows that it helps. Almost all testimony shares how beneficial it is. 

These laws should be fought against, and they show that much of the world is just ignorant. The reasoning for most of these laws are just so convoluted in hatred and misrepresentation. We should try to educate ourselves, not just on trans people, but on struggling people in general.