WBN flourishes in ’22 and looks ahead to 2023

WBN had a fantastic year with a lot of announcers and events, and they are excited for next year!


GM Artman

Elizabeth Harris, Mason Seal, and Anthony Saccente all help broadcast a Wilsonville girls basketball game during the winter.

Wilsonville sports is a spectacle that many people support and watch throughout the year, however the work of those in Wilsonville Broadcast Network often goes unnoticed. Many people pitched in to help broadcast games online to the faithful Wilsonville fans this year. For all those who couldn’t be in attendance, many watched and listened to the beautiful voices that made up the broadcasting team.

The broadcasting team, led by Anthony Saccente and Mason Seal, announced 139 live events and had 26 different announcers over the course of the year. The most views in a single event this year was the first football game of the season, where 1367 people tuned in to the broadcast as Wilsonville defeated Lebanon. Over the course of the whole year WBN accumulated 7416 views– about 53 views per broadcast.

New this year on WBN was broadcasts in swimming and wrestling, something Wilsonville has never done before and hopes to continue to cover for many years to come.

Championships on WBN included girls soccer (announced by Jeven Lundberg and Mason Seal), volleyball (announced by Grant Carli), boys basketball (announced by Mason Seal), and softball (announced by Teddy Skyler.)

Next year, WBN plans to be back better then ever! Make sure to tune in next fall for boys and girls soccer, volleyball, and football. Thank you for listening, and see you next year!