WVHS staff: Ms. Peake


Regan Loonstyn

Ms. Peake in the library. She is excited to start some new hobbies.

Ms. Peake is the librarian here at Wilsonville High School, and will be retiring at the end of the 2021-2022 school year. Ms. Peake has been working in the WLWV district since 1992.

Ms. Peake’s favorite part about working at WVHS has been working with the students and staff. She shares that “they are amazingly fun to work with.” She enjoys working in the library and being able to talk about and recommend books to students.

WVHS has “broadened [her] horizons and allowed [her] to learn a lot about people.” She has learned a lot about where students come from and what they want out of life.

One piece of advice that she has been given and wants to share is, “be complete and finish everything from the start.”

After Ms. Peake retires this year, she will be taking a trip to Florida in the fall. She is also excited to not be living on a schedule and be able to start new things such as painting, drawing, and working in her garden.