Rollerskating revival in Wilsonville


Ainsley Mayes

Senior Gabrielle Guertin having some fun on inlaid skates. Students enjoy getting together to hand out and skate.

With not much better to do during the spring and summer of 2020, from whipped coffee, to crochet, to animal crossing, we’ve all seen our fair share of and participated in what we now reminisce on as “quarantine trends”. All of these and more were among the many popular stay at home activities that exploded on social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram. However one seems to come to mind that has transcended the word “trend” and is now here to stay: roller skating. 

Starting with viral videos of influencers like Ana Coto (@anacoto on TikTok) skating down residential streets and boardwalks alike to music while showing off many cool tricks and maneuvers, roller skating has since seen a revival, with its popularity at local skate parks and within the community of Wilsonville growing.

While just 3 years ago it would’ve been rare to see teens and young adults roller skating at Wilsonville’s local parks, roller skating’s newfound popularity has opened up a new world of tricks and terrain to explore beyond the classic roller-rink. 

With customizable wheels, boots, and trucks, roller skates can be adapted to everything from roller-derby to dance skating making outdoor use, skate parks, and learning tricks easily accessible. Roller skaters from Wilsonville High School enjoy practicing outdoors and trying out new tricks at local parks. “I love the feeling of nailing a trick when I spend days or weeks trying to get it and it finally clicks.” Senior, Jillian Dauth said. 

Enjoying the activity in their childhood Dauth dove back into her hobby over quarantine, having since mastered spins, crossovers, and many more tricks. “Roller skating keeps me active, it’s fun and a great creative outlet.” Dauth said. 

She also enjoys skating as a social activity, with friends Gabrielle Guertin (Arts and Technology High School senior) and Natalie Caddell (WVHS senior) “I love that it’s a good social activity, I skate by myself sometimes but mostly skate with my friends and other skaters at the park.” Guertin said. 

While some skaters have been practicing regularly with 2+ years of experience, other WVHS students are just getting back into the activity. “I love to do it and now that I have my own skates I’ll definitely be skating more.” Senior, Amaya Marin said. 

Marin and friends headed to Oaks Park last Friday for senior skip day to have some fun at the roller rink. With good music, good friends, and a relaxed atmosphere, it made for a great afternoon. 

A unique and creative activity, it seems roller skating’s popularity is here to stay, adding more diversity to Wilsonville’s wonderful skating community and parks.