Freshman orientation: the class of 2026’s introduction to WVHS


Jason Katz

After a long day at freshman orientation, students and Link Crew gather in the courtyard to enjoy pizza for lunch. After the orientation, the new Wildcats are ready for the school year!

The transition from middle school to high school can be challenging, as it presents a new environment, new teachers, and new faces. 

On Friday, August 26th, all of the incoming freshmen were welcomed to their new school by the WVHS Link Crew leaders. The start of the orientation began in the gym. Students were then introduced to the administrators and Link Crew. After all introductions concluded, the freshman were split into 2 groups: classroom and tour. The classroom group mainly consisted of ice breakers, going over school schedules, and learning the school rules. The tour group took a walking tour around the campus, and students learned how to navigate through the school. 

The whole day was dedicated to preparing the incoming freshmen for the transition into high school, whether it be making new friends, going over class schedules, or learning your way around the school. This year’s orientation did exactly what it aimed to do. Link Crew leader Macy Moore mentioned, “While it may have been a bit disorganized, it seemed like everyone was comfortable and having fun.” Incoming freshman, Cayden Baptista, agrees that this year’s orientation better prepared him for this upcoming school year. Baptista explained, “The most helpful part was the tour so I could find each of my classes.” He was able to meet new people and felt comfortable in the new environment thanks to the help of the link crew leaders.  

Everyone wishes the class of 2026 the best of luck on their new journey. We are looking forward to seeing new faces in the halls this school year!