A change in schedule

A longer day is a good trade for a longer lunch.


Wilsonville High School

The new bell schedule for Wilsonville High School. Students are looking forward to a longer lunch.

After enduring online school, and coming back to in-person last year; students are in for yet another change at the school. A new schedule is getting students excited.

Although this schedule adds five minutes to the end of the school day, it also includes 5 more minutes for lunch, longer passing periods, and time for morning announcements during third period.

 A longer school day does have its drawbacks. Reese Hosley states it’s only bad, “if you are in sports and have to get out to the fields” Most student-athletes have to be out to the fields only 30 minutes after school ends. But Holey adds, “I don’t think five minutes is that bad, and a longer lunch is good.”

A longer lunch is enticing to many because students that go out to lunch have more time to get back. It also gives an opportunity for students to take more of a brain break, and or finish homework if necessary. Meredith Krecklow says, “I don’t care about the five minutes at the end of the day, I just care about the five minutes at lunch.”

There is also one minute added to passing periods, which eliminates the need to fast walk to your class across the school. It gives students more time to socialize after class, and use the restrooms. Which isn’t a luxury students had before during passing periods.

In the end, students agree that five minutes at the end of the day is completely worth it if breaks throughout the day are longer.