Seniors finally return to the band room, but everything has changed


Claudia Molatore

Band and orchestra practiced with choir during retreat in Canby. They are excited to collaborate with choir again this year.

Instability and flexibility are the words branded on the legacy of senior band and orchestra students at Wilsonville High School. From covid to construction, chaos has pledged the band and orchestra students. 

This school year, they are able to return to their home base: the band room. Although this was a much-awaited return, everything has changed since the last time they were there in 2020. 

The band room has many wonderful features that allow students to learn and perfect their craft; however, this space is isolated from the rest of the school.

 Senior Mia Combs commented, “Last year we ended up in the black box, which was honestly good because it felt like you were more a part of the school.”

Band and Orchestra students are grateful to have a space dedicated to them and appreciate that they are lucky because many schools are not supportive of arts programs. However, after a while the sound of construction becomes annoying, especially when the rest of the school doesn’t have to hear or deal with it. 

These past few years have taken a lot out of performing arts students. But now, seniors are back in control and can create the environment and community they desire within the Band and Orchestra department. Senior Nathan Wilde, said, “I’m trying to grow myself as a musician and help the group especially as we compete this year.”

So yes, the environment is different; but how could it not be? The seniors are the only remaining class of pre-COVID high school students. All of their struggles have been worth it because they are finally regaining some sense of normal.