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Our new athletic trainer at Wilsonville posing for a picture. Come by and meet Jorge Chaires!

Jorge Chaires: Athletic trainer

Meet Jorge Chaires, our New Athletic Trainer at WVHS!

Jorge is a very recent hire at WVHS and is very excited to be working here due to the Wildcat’s prestigious reputation in sports. Jorge graduated from George Fox University with a degree in athletic training, during his time at the university he did multiple internships with the football, basketball, soccer, and baseball teams. During this time he also did internships at Aloha High School for their spring sports. He is very experienced in the field, in his own words “you have to be at that top tier, ready for anything.” 

Jorge is from Hood River and spends much of his time in Portland, so he didn’t know much about Wilsonville until recently. When he was told that we were hiring however he did his research. “After hearing about how well you guys do in sports and the high caliber of athletes here, I realized that I had to jump on this.”

Jorge now enters our staff right as fall sports are getting into full swing, and even though he’s nervous he is even more excited to be jumping right into action. Jorge is looking forward to being at all of our Wildcat sporting events, supporting our teams and providing expert medical care.