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The Female Empowerment Club booth at the club fair! Clubs each had their own booth where they showcased their information and a description of what they do.
The 2021 WVHS club fair turnout!
Alina Jakobson, Staff Writer • October 25, 2021

About 2 weeks ago Wilsonville had the first club fair of the year! By now, some students have been able to attend meetings already!  The Black Student...

The WVHS esports team is currently just a possibility, but could soon become a reality! Contact Mr. Burke if you would like to be a part of it.
Possibilities of an esports team at Wilsonville High School
Connor Larsen, Staff Writer • October 24, 2021

Opportunities to get an esports program at WVHS are starting to frequently pop up, whether it be leagues and tournament organizers, interest in students,...

There are banners advertising the festival hanging around the school! It is on October 30th at 1 pm.
Link Crew debuts the WVHS Fall Festival!
Elia Bartlett, Managing Editor • October 15, 2021

As the fall season commences, Link Crew and Leadership are excited to offer Wilsonville high school’s first ever Fall Festival! It will consist of...

WVHS Club Fair
Wilsonville High School club fair!
Elizabeth Harris, Staff Writer • October 15, 2021

Wilsonville High school had its club fair on October 15th, 2021 during Academic Seminar.  Students were able to walk around and see what clubs are going...

Sophomores at this years homecoming. Featuring Kate Gore, Olivia Lyons, Caroline Delamotte, Mason Seal, Ashlyn Hartford, Luke Larson, Campbell Lawler, Kellen Larson, and Cammy Gore.
Homecoming dance review
Sydnie Bierma, Student Life Editor • October 7, 2021

After the letdown of not having our boys play North Salem the homecoming dance was something every Wilsonville student was looking forward to.  Unlike...

Mr. Abraham, the club advisor.
Black Student Union starting up in Wilsonville
Connor Larsen, Staff Writer • October 4, 2021

With the club rush in Wilsonville starting up again for the first time since COVID, the Black Student Union will be starting up for the first...

Everything but a backpack
Students showed their WHS pride for spirit week
Anthea Goh, Managing Editor • October 3, 2021

Join the Google Classroom for more information!
WVHS speech and debate club starts off their 2021 year
Elia Bartlett, Managing Editor • October 1, 2021

The WVHS speech and debate club is a program that gives students the opportunity to practice presentation, developing arguments, and public speaking,...

2021-2022 Homecoming Assembly
Outdoor homecoming assembly!
Elizabeth Harris, Staff Writer • October 1, 2021

On Oct 1, 2021 Wilsonville High school students had their first assembly since 2019. All the students filled the bleachers by the football...

A few rooms in the building have been cleared out to make room for the ATHS students.
ATHS's move to WVHS
September 24, 2021
Follow their Instagram and join the Google Classroom for more updates!
Book club returns for a new year!
Elia Bartlett, Managing Editor • September 24, 2021

Last year, amidst the isolation of quarantine, a book club was founded at Wilsonville High! Macy Moore, Anthea Goh, and Elia Bartlett, all three...

A snack and something to drink can make studying easier!
Tips & tricks on how to do well this school year!
Siona Ruud, Staff Writer • September 19, 2021

   Has anyone else been thrown off by the fact that students now have 6 classes instead of 3? It can sometimes be really difficult making an...

Students working together on the porch- something many people missed while being in quarantine.
Wilsonville High School returns to a normal school year
Elia Bartlett, Managing Editor • September 17, 2021

As the 2021-22 school year begins, our school is taking steps back towards a “normal” year. The school day is back to being 6 ½ hours, we...

Parents anxiously waiting to pick up their children from school.
What's up with parking this year?
Sydnie Bierma, Lifestyle Editor • September 16, 2021

With the new addition of the theater, additional parking, and softball field improvements parking has been a mess this year. It’s taking students...

The student section holding up Ws during the Boys Varsity football game against Lebanon.
What is our responsibility building back the community as we head back into school and regular life?
Alexis McIlmoil, Opinions Editor • September 10, 2021

In March of 2020,  Wilsonville High School experienced  what we thought was going to be a two week break. It was nothing like we could have...

In the year of so many negatives, there is one thing that is positive...
Emilia Bishop, Head of Video Production • November 10, 2020

Senioritis, a common ailment, can be felt deep in the souls of students fighting their way through the last months of high school. As a Senior,...