Student seating at football games


Sammie Baker

The Wilsonville student section shows their Wildcat pride at the Westview game. The Cats went on to win the game 49-39!

With the ongoing football season, it’s important to be reminded of student seating, especially after the Cats’ bout against Westview.

Seating is a very important aspect of football games, and the school has some customs on them. According to the customs, seniors get first priority and are front row, followed by juniors, sophomores and toward the top, freshman. 

But not everything went to plan this past game– Daniel Bautista said it was “all over the place,”  and with a packed crowd that was tough to manage. 

The confusion that night had everyone forming their own ideas on seating. Joel Thiessen, junior, thinks football games should be free for all where people can sit where they want.

Logan Miller, junior expressed similar ideas stating, “As long as everything was safe and people were happy with where they were, I think it was okay.”

Although not everyone thought this way, Tyler (freshman) thought seats should be divided by grades. “I think the seniors should be able to sit in the front, and the sophomores and freshman in the back, then juniors in the middle.”

Everyone has their own opinion on how football games should be seated and the truth is no way will make everyone happy, so for now it can just be encouraged for everyone to be mindful and safe so everyone has a good experience supporting the Wildcats!