Fashion featuring Wilsonville High School’s students

Students share where they shop for clothes


Lily Arzie

Jacob Alewine poses in his fashionable attire. He likes to pair baseball caps with most of his outfits.

Fashion showcases itself everywhere. Whether it’s fast fashion, a local boutique, or second hand stores, fashion has the capability to represent one’s personality and inspire others to do the same!

Wilsonville High School is full of countless students with diverse interpretations of fashion, and many are eager to know where others find their clothes.

Asa Gessler, a freshman here at WVHS, expressed where he goes mainly for his apparel. “I like to go to Tillys and H&M, and probably also American Eagle.” 

Another student, sophomore Malia Kaleikilo, prioritizes shopping at second hand stores and adding her own element of fashion. “Recently, I’ve been going to thrift stores a lot, and I find things that I could make better by sewing or putting together with other items of clothing.”

Kaleikilo is not alone when it comes to purchasing second hand clothing. Bella Knowles, a sophomore at WVHS, finds pleasure in thrift shopping because “it’s really fun; there’s always something new and exciting in every corner… and it’s super cheap and you actually get good deals!” 

In a brief survey asking where WVHS students tend to shop for clothing, 5 of the 25 responses included Goodwill, as well as other responses supporting other local second hand stores.

Karli Sanders, a sophomore, most often shops at Urban Outfitters or Altar’d State. “I think they’re just trendy, honestly, but I think they just have a lot of basics and I like to follow along with that,” she said.

Similarly to Sanders, junior Alina Jakobson typically shops at “Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Cotton On,” and on occasion, she purchases clothing at Brandy Melville.

Jenna Campbell tends to rummage through “[her] grandpa’s closet”, as well as “Urban Outfitters, Forever 21… and Princess Polly.”

Most clothing appeals are similar at WVHS, and whether it’s at a second hand store, or taking a trip to the mall, there are numerous options if a student is in need of inspiration.