START Tutoring


Aditi Bhaskar

START Tutoring is now available for all grades. Students can receive help in every topic.

As of this year, Wilsonville students now have the opportunity to receive extra help in their classes through START tutoring. START tutoring is a tutoring business that was first started during this summer and is now fully up and running. This organization is run solely by students and is available for every grade of students. 

START tutoring was co-founded by seniors Aditi Bhaskar and Katelyn LeBlanc in the hopes of providing extra support for those who need it. “In the past, I’ve always loved helping people with their homework and a lot of people have come to me with specific questions about different assignments, so I figured why not turn it into something bigger,” commented Bhaskar.

From AP calculus BC to freshman biology and everything in between, the START tutoring’s tutors are available to help with whatever subject students may be struggling with. Each tutor is a well rounded individual that has experience in taking advanced courses. “We have five tutors at this point, and each of us somewhat specializes in a specific subject. But I think the most important part of our group is that we are all successful in our academics, and willing to work with one another to ensure the success of our clients,” added Bhaskar.

Currently, this tutoring organization charges by half-hour sessions, with the rate being from $18-$30 an hour, depending on how rigorous the content they cover is. Bhaskar explained, “Our basic rate is normally $10 an hour, however, the rate is more dependent on how much help our clients actually need.” The majority of the profit received goes to whichever tutor has held the session, with 5% going back into maintaining and expanding the organization. 

If you ever need help in a class and don’t know how to reach out, you can contact START tutoring through their Instagram (@start.tutoring), their website (, or via email ([email protected]).