Where to buy last minute homecoming dresses


Karli Sanders

Karli Sanders, a sophomore, purchases her homecoming dress. She can’t wait for the big night!

As last minute arrangements are made for the homecoming dance, and high schoolers anticipate the day they can wear their fancy attire, some utilize the last week to find their outfit, especially homecoming dresses.

However, students are here to recommend only the best locations to find guaranteed homecoming attire, if little to no purchases have been made.

Ruby Dean, a sophomore at WVHS recognized the convenience of department stores such as “Macys or big department stores, because they have a lot of clearance items, and they usually have a lot of options.” 

Sophia Levesque, an attending junior at Wilsonville High School stated that “the main places that people are going to are Janelle James, Macy’s, and Windsor.”

Levesque bought her dress at Janelle James because “they only buy so many for each design, so the odds of you having the same dress as someone else are little to none.”

Ellie Williams and Karli Sanders have both found Janelle James to be incredibly helpful and dependable.

Williams continued to say that “they are pretty cheap, and they have good selection.” She also added that her homecoming dress is from Janelle James as well.

According to the featured WVHS students, the most convenient location is Janelle James!